Feedback and suggestions on versus mode

Hello there, here my feedback for the versus alpha test:

The heroes still fullfill their role to the fullest: Good side wins. Like always… Except if the rats use let’s say unintentional mechanics:
Hook rat can hook someone inside stairs so you can’t rescue him or her.
Hook can pull someone into an insta-death-area (for example the area below the bell) or far away (to grim-location through some wood-cover). Fire rat can push them off cliffs if lucky. This is sadly needed otherwise the hereos always win.

Balancing wise: There are too many heals for the hereos if the rats don’t cheese :wink: Also I think Ammo is provided at an excess.
Rat’s could get points for let’s say 100 Dmg done total.
Loot dice could improve points for the heroes, also killing a patrol could carry such a point.
Maybe Globadier could also use a suicide run as special?
Assassin could maybe get a Target-Cross similar to Bardin, now its really difficult and requires A LOT of practice to aim properly i feel like. Atm I feel like this is the most useless one right now, but probably because I am bad :slight_smile: Haven’t played against a good assassin either though.

Heroes could be timed more often → less time used, more points for them. I still think the heroes should win most of the times, but the delay is what could count.
The spawns for usables isn’t random at the moment (+ they are in excess). So the initiative to check is lacking.
Lingering flames HAS TO BE ADRESSED. I played against a sienna soloing us completely - so yeah she was skilled, but it is also really strong.Maybe they could improve the visibility for the jumping up-places for rats. Now it is a lot of learning by heart.
So far with the stuff given.What would I love to see:
Playable small Chaos Patrol: You Control 1 Chaos Warrior and are followed by like 2 more and 2 Maulers or something.

Also it is great fun and a change. However I would need an incentive to keep playing it: Tournaments? Deed-Crafting-System with the rewards?
Also Voicecom for the Rats feels almost necessary right now, since you have to coordinate WAY MORE to at least get some points right now. I think other ways to get these points would easen the load without making voice-com too overpowered later on
I feel like another way to get chests wouldn’t suffice

That’s it, have a good one :slight_smile:

Changing the formula too much with a lot of these suggestions. Especially all the changes to scoring. Complex != better.

I agree health should spawn less frequently. The buggy ways that hook rat can kill should probably be removed. Lingering flames should probably be tweaked in this game mode. Otherwise I think it’s perfect.