Vermintide 2 is missing it's icon picture on the taskbar

When I launch vermintide 2 the launcher has the red V icon as it’s picture on the taskbar. However the vermintide program itself is missing this picture and just shows up as a generic program. I can’t figure out why because if I right click on vermintide it does show the correct icon, just not on the taskbar. I don’t remember which patch changed this but it didn’t happen prior to WoM.

Does this happen to anyone else or is it just glitched for me? Might be because I’m still using windows 7.

Mine shows the icon correctly, on Windows 10 here.

That’s good to know, I don’t know anyone else who still uses 7 so I can’t double check.

Also I think I remember when this started, it was when they changed the game launcher to the new version. That would have been the 2.0.15 patch I think? The one that added the survey button on the side.

Yeah windows 7 support ends soon so that may be the reason (although still quite odd).

Upon further testing I think it may have just been a glitch. I validated my game files and it found nothing wrong. When I rebooted the game it did the first-run install stuff for EAC and the like, and now the icon shows up as normal.

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