Vermin Carols

For Festag, a classic song!

Oh the Pact-Sworn outside are frightful
But Sienna’s fires are so delightful
And since we’ve no hope to go
Hack the foe, hack the foe, hack the foe

They don’t show signs of stopping
And they’ve brought some trolls for barfing
Our health has dropped down low
So hack the foe, hack the foe, hack the foe

When we finally fell their mooks
How I hate going out through the bridge
But if you’ve still got all the books
I won’t need Ranald to give me a smidge

Now the world is slowly dying
And my dawri, we’re still goodbying
But as long as I still can land blows
Hack the foe, hack the foe, hack the foe!


Twelve Days of Nurglmas!

On the twelve days of Felstag, Nurgle gave to me . . .
Twelve Cultists drumming
Eleven creeping buboes
Ten Corpse-flies floating
Nine Nurglings prancing
Eight writhing reikworms
Seven days of rotting
Six fits agueing
Five pox rings!
Four foot warts
Three Unclean Ones
Two oozing eyes
And a fever of a hundred and three!

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