Unchained passive as client

This has been said a few times before on Reddit but I haven’t found it on the official forums yet.
Siennas passive that increases melee power on higher overcharge is much much higher when you host a game as opposed to when you only join a game.

I would like to know if host or non-host values are the intended ones or if it’s neither of them.

Of course that’s a bug - why would devs make separate damage bonus for clients and hosts? That makes no sense.

And I’ve seen this bug being reported at least twice, last time today.

I know that it’s bug that’s cristal clear but which of two values is the intended one? in the past it usually were the host ones but I also heard people say the bonus applys twice for host and client one is correct.

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As you may already saw on all Patch-Notes, there are a lot of “Host/Client” -Bugs…
But i could live with them, if the “Hosts” would´ve better Internet and the Enemies won´t run in the Air or dmg me without attacking. ^^

No idea, and no one but devs can answer this question, since we don’t have concrete numbers in Unchained passive description.

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I kinda wish they would make it somewhere in between those 2. Something like 100% bonus at max for her mediocre at best melee weapons seems pretty reasonable.

That’s not 100% the same issue. As I wrote in my thread, I am referring explicitly to an issue where the later stacks of unstable strength stop applying a damage boost to clients, which is somewhat a separate issue (from a user perspective, at least) from hosts receiving the boost twice.

Hope this clarifies.

I think it is. I mean that’s likely what people actually mean, when they say clients have reduced damage.

Well, no. Hosts continue to gain power from each stack of unstable strength, unlike clients. In addition to this, there is a separate issue where hosts receive the multiplier from their stacks twice. While the client bug probably assists in the perception of being significantly weaker than hosts, the issue with hosts getting the multiplier twice is far more culpable.