UI possitioning

While playing all last nigh I had a very common issue with UI elements drifting around the screen.

I started the game in windowed borderless and it happened when I first took corruption. My allied frames all stacked up on each other and only 3 health bars were visible.

Later in the same match they shifted again and it showed I only had 3 people in my party, with 2 health bars visible, one perminently labeled as “waiting for rescue” and mine completely missing.

Next game it happened again after I gook fire damage. Swapping to fullscreen refreshed it.

Every game I played later except one it happened, and I just started to alt tab and re enter the game to refresh my ui and “fix” the issue.

I play on high quality settings with my UI scaled down to about 60%.

Other aspects of my UI would also shift, such as tooltips off center and side screen info pushed halfway off my monitor.