Ui missing hp/skill cooldown, sometimes ui gets blown up

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Issue Description:
while i’m playing randomly my Ui starts to malfunction and gets blown out of proportion as if it doesn’t support the 2560x1440p resolution, but it works fine in that resolution. As i play and i get downed it either makes it so i don’t see anyone’s hp all round or sometimes mine gets pushed off my screen and i can’t see my own hp. But when i’m getting rescued, it returns back to normal.
Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Playing as zealot preacher
  2. sometimes when i get downed and get backup
    my ui gets blown out of proportion so i can only see my teamates hp but mine gets bumped off my screen towards the bottom.
  3. sometimes its just missing everyones hp and i cant tell whos low or needs to heal
  4. When i get rescued it brings the ui back to normal.
  5. i shrank the ui hud maybe this helped it will keep playing to see.
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Steam Profile URL: Steam Community :: MrYesse
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[11/18/2022, 09:00PM] ? [TIMEZONE]

Reproduction Rate:
Unusual (<25%)

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