Tricks of the trade

Thought we could use a list of tricks so to speak - a collection of handy hacks and other useful information gathered by players.

1: Recently noticed there’s a sweet spot behind the cart that is just above the second chest on righteous stand, where enemies cannot reach. Took out a chaos patrol, horde and rat ogre at the same time from the position without taking dmg.

2: The fountain in righteous stand found at the market square in the beginning can also be used a semi safe haven against all enemies though if the fountain gets completely surrounded some enemies like SW can then reach. This works as the circumference they enemies have to travel is larger than that of the player and thus the player can keep kiting indefinitely just by moving backwards while attacking ad nauseam.
Kiting bosses inside is likewise a no brainer and makes killing them a breeze. Both trolls and stormfiends cannot spew over the fountain wall either.

3: In generel it also seems that enemies will bypass players that are on high ground if other players are on low ground. This can be exploited by having 3/4 of players on high ground and the last player on low ground effectively funneling the hordes through the gauntlet.

4: When hearing a leech approach stand still and look down and it will appear behind you.

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