Training dummy issue Barrage does not work with the Drakegun

How to reproduce:

  1. Reroll trait till you get barrage
  2. Use drakegun on the dummy
  3. Enjoy lack of any effect related to barrage.

In the video you can see Drakegun delivering 175 damage, no Barrage icon.
I’ve tested it with heatsink and… got exactly the same 175 damage

Tested it on spawned enemies and it works normally, dumies are not that reliable

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Are you sure? Because with every other weapon in game barrage works on dummies just fine.
Did you get the icon etc.?

Working, dummies are very bugged since WOM, you often need to change character and switch back or change weapon and switch back to get your buffes applied…

Yes, its works normally

I renamed the topic since it’s not the drakegun thatvworks bad.

Yes, and it’s running not only with drakeguns and barrage trait, it’s for every trait in every weapon.

So you need to force the refresh by switching weapons with your inventory or switch characters, to make it applying correctly.


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