Tigrus Mk II Heavy Eviscerator - Unintended (?) Stealth Nerf

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Ever since hotfix 30 (Patch 1.2.23) the Tigrus Mk II Heavy Eviscerator can no longer one shot headshot Damnation Crushers with a special attack + Fury of the Faithful, which it was previously able to.

What you had to do was to activate the Eviscerator’s special, hit the Crusher in the head with a heavy attack (didn’t matter if Heavy 1 or Heavy 2) and while your weapon was sawing away, activate the Fury of the Faithful ability for the guaranteed crit and damage increase. This was sufficient to one shot headshot Crushers on Damnation difficulty without any external buffs.

Now this is no longer possible. Since the patch notes don’t mention any changes regarding Crusher health, Carapace modifiers or Eviscerator damage, I assume this is an unintended stealth nerf.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Enter the Psykhanium on DAMNATION difficulty
  2. Equip a Tigurs Mk II Heavy Eviscerator with stats similar to mine
  3. Activate the special attack and attack a Crusher’s head with a Heavy attack (either Heavy 1 or Heavy 2)
  4. While the weapon is “stuck” to the Crusher’s head, activate Fury of the Faithful
  5. The Crusher survives

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No, I don’t use mods

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Constant (100%)

Platform (Required):

PC - Steam

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Nop, still oneshots.

Well, my 74 dmg 79 shred mk2 leaves it at 53hp on H1, yours should kill it at 80/80.

Or better yet, just use the mk15.

Do you have +Carapace on your Mk II by any chance?

I haven’t changed a single thing about my build and suddenly I can’t one shot anymore. Only thing that’s changed is that I’m now playing on patch 1.2.23… very strange if you can still one shot then.

Looking at the screenshot, there’s 2 instances of damage not covered by the crit. The 130 is the original attack, I’m guessing - is the 113 damage a tick of your Saw damage that was not affected by FotF? If so, is this just a timing issue where you activated FotF just a fraction of a second too late?

Ewwwwwwww. You can have the lobotomite weapons for yourself thanks.

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Maybe you have the damage against Carapace Armor trait on your evis?

To me it looks like the OP is right. I used to be able to one-shot Crushers with my Evis + FotF.
Now the Crusher stays alive with a tiny bit of remaining HP.

I just tried it with a green and mine 1 shots the crusher

And what perk do you have on it?

the one shown in the image

Ah lol.
I did not realize that you uploaded your image elsewhere and posted it as a link, so that i have to click on the image in order to see it in its entirety.
I thought you had simply uploaded a cropped image in your post.

So in my first image I activated the FotF ability the way I was used to it. I’ve retested it and if I activate it instantly, I do get more damage out of it, but it’s still not enough to oneshot.

Testing here with the same build as in my OP.

What is going on?

Is it? Overcomplication is not sign of intelligence.

No but having some actual combo routes in your gameplay isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. It’s nice having more or less complex moveset variants to pick between as per preference, I just wish FS did a better job of balancing the new variants they introduce eg the new shovel variants that inexplicably hit as hard as a thunder hammer against most elites. Also just feeds the cycle of power creep.

Mostly I just thought that “use the other version of the weapon” isn’t a very helpful response to a thread about potential stealth changes to a weapon variant quite a few people like so was being equally unhelpful with my reply. Petit I know.

Did you change your build in any way, or have any buff stacks (like Inexorable Judgement) that pushed you over the breakpoint in the past?

EDIT: Ah, you already mentioned being unbuffed. Huh :thinking:

While I don’t agree with the approach, the point is still 100% valid, this is a bug report thread after all


What I find super weird is some people in this thread are still able to one shot, though without evidence I find it (hopefully understandably) hard to believe.

I’ve tried resetting my skill tree and try different paths toward FotF, because maybe one talent might be bugged and reduce damage etc., but to no avail. Funnily enough, Reapers also manage to survive now with 4 HP left.

Ye, it’s really really odd… in saying that, the report is marked as Acknowledged, which is interesting. I’d like to believe that someone has verified the presence of an undocumented change, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen something marked as Acknowledged despite working-as-intended, so :crossed_fingers: someone from the support/dev team can shed a bit of light on this.

forgot i was on discord and friends playing new granblue game so ignore talking in background

I concede, I can one shot crushers with Heavy 2, too, but you really have to activate FotF instantly. This was previously not necessary, and even Heavy 1 could one shot Crushers.

It’s hard to produce evidence after the fact, but I promise it was doable with Heavy 1 before even if you didn’t manage to buff the first tick of damage with FotF.

So something definitely changed.

I cant say about how it was last patch but it does feel like that is under performing because just as a test with a chain sword i had sitting in the bottom of my inventory can 1 shot a crusher with these stats

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