Thunder Hammers are awesome. But probably the worst melee weapons in the game

I play with Knife Zealots who can.

The tooth pick we have in game being called a catachan blade is actually disgusting lol.

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Introduction of a little bit of AOE damage to hordes on a charged strike would be nice…

Thunderhammer used to have good picks on the empowered light attack in the time between it having better finesse mods and elites not having that +175% HP buff yet. It was pretty solid at just knocking an enemy down with the heavy and to bring them into kill range from zap bonk and a block cancel to stop incoming damage. Those were the days.

Stop disparaging Sly Marbo’s Letteropener.


the bane of my existence

an unspoked truth of your post is that this weapon, without the zealot’s tool kit, just wouldn’t work well. You basically don’t run this thing without all the attack speed the zealot has in his tree. To be clear, I’m agreeing with you that this thing’s gimmick doesn’t justify it’s standard profile being so weak.

Agreed. Idc whether it’s a standard profile buff or a special activation buff, but some element of the tradeoff inherent in taking it is a bit off. That’s why it’s so rare for me to run into other hammer zealots.


Both I reckon. It’s light attacks need to be able to kill basic enemies in one hit. It’s special attacks need to be able to kill carapace enemies in one hit.

If it can’t do both those things it’s not really worth using apart from the fact it makes a cool noise. It also needs to be able to do both those things without using thrust, otherwise you are still shoehorned into taking that blessing all the time.

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It definitely needs a boost to its elite-killing capacity.

I’m fine with it not being good against hordes, you can’t have a weapon that does everything.

But when a group of 5-10 maulers/ragers/crushers show up, you’d hope the THammer would at least be good against that, but, it isn’t. While you slowly smack 1 of them, the other 9 are freely dunking on you. It is significantly easier to handle that situation with a knife or axe. This feels wrong.

Playing THammer right now, just feels like you’re going AFK for 90% of the mission and just waiting for a boss to spawn. Because that’s the only situation you contribute anything.


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