Thoughts on (some of) the melee weapons

Genallary, I think movement speed during/while attacking should not go under the 80% of normal movement speed.

Mace, 1h Hammer:
3rd light attack of these two weapons should be able to damage on armours, and that 3rd light attack’s swing agnle should be a bit wider. And maybe make those two of weapons’ heavies a little bit wider and give a little bit of a buff on the cleave?

2h Hammers:
3rd light attack and push attack should cleaves more.

1h Swords (Kruber and Sienna):
I think these two swords’ heavy attacks’ swinging angle should be narrower, but dealing more damage.

Mace and Sword:
Buff the attack speed on light attacks and heavies.

Executioner Sword:
Narrower the angle of the 1st and 2nd light attacks, but buff the movement speed during light attacks, if movement speed of melee weapons during attacking doesn’t gets a buff.

2h Axe:
Push attack and heavies’ cleave should be buffed.

And… I think these are what I thought about so far.

I disagree. I do think the movement slow down of shield weapons is overkill, but heavy hitting weapons like executioner sword, 2h hammer, ect should have movement slow down. Same philosophy that says Heavy Weapons Guy can’t sprint while shooting a minigun.

Different story for shields. Anything that does 9 infantry damage shouldn’t have a 40% speed reduction on light attacks


But somehow, I don’t feel that 2h hammer is not so slow during attacking. Maybe it is because of it has somekind of short time speed boost thing? You know, when doing light attacks, when the attack starts? The movement speed goes faster until the near the end of the animation.

Maybe at least this thing should be also given to the other slow movement speed weapons.

I definitely agree with that. I think it should be like… 75%, or is it a bit too much?