Thoses cosmetics DLC

So, thoses cosmetics dlc that was added on steam repositories 12 days ago. Can we start to get some preview about them ? :stuck_out_tongue:
Like 1 preview each week, in order to have some stuff to look at, waiting for the season 2 release. (there’s 15 of them, one for each career, so it should be okay to reveal them slowly, it even takes into account the fact that you can be a bit late on this release)


Sure. So as you may have noticed what y’all thought were individual cosmetics were actually all parts of a yet unreleased character. I am now lucky enough to be allowed to show you the combined parts to give you a preview of the newest addition to the Ubersreik 5…or was it six?

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So you have to buy the 15 part to access to the new char ?

Im not sure if only one or both of you are trolling now.

Regarding the topic, I´d really like to get a look at these new cosmetics. What´s the hold up, is the approval from Games Workshop still pending?

Doesnt even have to be the 3D model, concept art would be enough.

Both. If that can help.

I’m not sure, that’s up to @Fatshark_Hedge to clear us on this. My take is that they want to reveal all at the same time with a season 2 post, and all, something like on the release or 1 week before, like they’re doing usually. Which could be a good idea if the release is like in one week. But we, players, like news and teasing, even months before.

On a non troll note but still purely speculation I would doubt GW having to approve them an obstacle at this point if they bothered to add them in to steam. Also given this post here-

My guess would be that we won’t be seeing the content announcement or release until after Dec 2nd.

Ok now that they’re back ! It’s time @Fatshark_Hedge , Bring on the first pics !

I’ll take console news over hats news, and I don’t even play on console. Just saying if we have the magical power to get any little piece of info, we might be hungry but the console crowd is starving.

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Well they already stated they’ll have a big patch for consoles after pc get all the fixes etc (so after season 2 patch).
We don’t have season 2 yet, so I guess we already have our news about the console patch.
So I’ll be glad to have hats news.

Amen to that…we really are. This month…I hope. This month