There is nothing but the abyss penance not completing

Quite a while ago, I completed the “There is nothing but the abyss …” penance for the zealot preacher, after completing the penance we almost immediately failed the mission. After failing the mission, I checked to see that it had not given me the penance completion, and instead just stayed at the progress I had before the mission I completed it in. I thought re-loading the game would fix it, but it did not. I tried to go complete the penance again, but I cannot re-do the penance, and it still has yet to give me the rewards and completion mark for it.

Play zealot preacher
Complete “There is nothing but the abyss …” penance in a mission,
fail the mission shortly after completing the penance
Penance doesn’t register and rewards are unobtained and unable to be re-done.



About 2 weeks prior to the time of writing


Do not have any footage of the bug, and im sure a screenshot of just my penance not completed wouldn’t help.

(not sure which log it would be as this was a while ago.

having the same exact issue, i just completed the penance today. I never recieved the saintly medicants vestments though.