The scan for plague mission in the habs

Yeah this one likely has some level design issue since the first part when you are within render range of the habs laggs and stutters while no other mission does so.

Some gap in the level or stuff not cleaned up outside of playable area perhaps ?

Please look into it.

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Concurred. I get way more stutters and lower framerates on Hab Dreyko Investigation than on any other map for reasons that I can’t figure out. Maybe sheer volume of fog/cloud effects from all of the Nurgle slime?

My fps is far from stable at the best of time, but this particular mission tends to crater my fps as well.

Think it’s just that the mission has a more cluttered area, that’s all.

V2 has gaps all over the place in the levels which leads to infinity. I know that was an issue back in the old days, like Half-Life era with gaps in levels would cause an insane leak.
Nowdays most games are broken by going outside the playable areas and into infinity and I think engines have “solved” that memory leak issue that was prevalent before by simply having limits and killboxes and the like.

Don’t quote me on that though.

Actually it gets way better on par with other levels at the end around the nurgle tree and such. its specifically the HAB area that is broken somehow.

You’re right, actually. Just from memory, most of my most intense FPS drops on that map are outdoors or in the first area indoors (where the first medstation is located).

This map works way better since last content update. Just FYI.

Sometimes Devs forget map pieces from development