The problem with inability to join your friends in someone's lobby is still here

I have reported this issue previously a lot of times, starting from times game was in beta, and it’s still here. You can’t join your friends if they are in lobby with someone who isn’t in your friendlist, game returns you that stupid “Private lobby” error. Devs, what the actual hell, how many times i should report this until you make something about it, at least tell me you are aware about this bug?
Also, i wanna point out it again, the entire friends system in V2 is a total garbage, even in comparsion with the first game. You can’t see what map your friends playing, nor how many people in their lobby at the moment, and that ugly “friends” window don’t even have a tooltips for icons!

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I’ve had this as well. In my experience the workaround is to start a custom game or quickplay with the lobby set to public and have those people try to join that way. Once they’re in your lobby you should be fine to do whatever.

But this shouldn’t be a thing in the first place, absolutely. On a fundamental level having a persistent error pop up when people are trying to squad up is really bad.


Yes, it works, but some random people can join just at the moment you start an open game and take the place/character of your friend, so it could be a pretty awkward situation when you ask them to leave because of it.

I’m fully agree, this situation is absolutely ridiculous, and while i’m prefer to play with my friends most of the time, this thing basically kills the entire game for me.


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