The new ranged meta - a prediction

Yes I know, you asked for a build, I provided it.

You view yourself as an expert slayer player, and had a response to anything I said locked and loaded to proclaim anything I said was wrong.

Got it.

That video you posted. . . Your push missed and your movement/dodge was hindered by the wall of the hallway. Of course you are going to get hit! It wasnt even a running attack, the dude was in slot, you miss your push and your dodge whiffs too. Also, you are off host, how was your ping? Things like that happen as a function of latency all the time, you need to account for it.

Where you got hit by a running attack, you were moving backwards and just got hit by a running attack. I mean, thats why we dont fight in hallways and dodge laterally in places where we have room to do it, right? After I saw that happen about 1000 times I started to work to not take fights in those positions.

Regardless, thats precisely what I was talking about when I said bad positioning and movement, and those hallways and channels are mentioned above in this thread, they are melee deathtraps due to the movement constraints.

But I’m done responding to you because you have a plan and will execute it regardless of the information I provide.

Although I did just go back and read your audio complaints, if you can see my previous posts, I just made one explaining an audio fix that I just love that helps with sound resolution. I hope that works for you and anyone else that moght try it, its great for me.