The Munitorum MK III Power Sword special action needs to last longer

I have been using the power sword. It looks cool, it sounds cool but it performs below average. When you use the special action to give it electricity and try to attack you only get a single combo out of it. Either a light combo or heavy combo. This usually isn’t enough to clear a wave so you have to special action again.

I find myself spamming the special action over and over. Why not just make the special action last longer? Without it the power sword is an awful weapon with no cleave and feels like using a foam sword. Its not fun to have to constantly press the special action over and over. You don’t have to make it last forever but at least make it last up to three combos worth of attacks, 3 light combos, 3 heavy combos, 1 light and 2 heavy combos etc. I think this would make the weapon perform better and feel more smooth during combat.