The head of these two Great Hammers are off from the center

2h Hammer, Off center, S
2h Hammer, Off center, F

The red line is the center, and as you can see, the front upper area of head is a bit longer (or broader) than the front lower area. And this makes these hammers off from the center.

So, could you please make them matched with center?

… ok

Uh… did I something wrong?


Well, these are may samll things, but it must be fixed.

Must it?

I know, all good. You’re post still made me chuckle as I wasn’t sure if it was umgak or actually serious.

The only exception to the meme was when the off-center portal pylon was fixed. That was actually triggering a lot of people’s OCD, lmao!

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Oh, ok.

If you have to take a picture of the weapon and zoom in and draw a line to see it’s a bit off center, then thats not a priority fix, not even needed to fix at all in my opinion.


Well, you can see it (or feel it) when you input x to 3rd person view of your character and so on.

Did you notice it when inspecting your character in third person with those hammers equipped?
Or did you notice it when looking at the image above without the line?


Oh ok. Then you have a very good eye for detail, like insanely good.

I honestly don’t even see it without zooming in or drawing a line, but good eye

Edit: and actually, looking at it from kruber holding, it being off center balances out, the front is a bit higher while the back is a bit lower.

Lmao I still don’t understand the complaint the line does nothing for me -.-

Ah oh well ignorance is bliss!

Well those hammer don’t exist in real life so your center of hammer that would weight 30kg is non issue :smiley:

Stop it

Who? Sorry don’t want to punch down on a possible obsessive disorder it’s not a perfect game may not be the best one for you… there are lots of repeat bugs mechanically let alone visual mistakes must be tons.

The head of the hammer is indeed a bit larger on top, but the backside is also longer at the bottom, so doesn’t that equal each other out? Or do you also want the backside of the hammer to be centered and the same length?

I mean that it cannot really be centered, unless you adjust the size or design of the hammer head.