The game should clean up it's console logs

I just realized that my console log folder in AppData was 1.2 gigs. Most of them were from many patches ago and no longer relevant for anything. The game should either delete logs that are older than a month or delete the contents of the log folder whenever you update to a new major patch.


Yea, I went through and deleted mine a few weeks ago. Same problem, over a 1GB in there lol. Mind you, that was from nearly a year of gaming.


“Only” 1.32 GB for now, and I know there are a few bloated ones there from when I had a non-working mod installed.

But yeah, this is and idea that has occurred to me earlier. While the logs are probably an immense help to both devs and modders who have to find bugs and squash them, I think we’re unlikely to need all the logs there, both as the game builds change and as time simply goes on. I think two weeks or maybe fifteen sessions would be a sensible default to save, and everything older could be deleted. It would probably be sensible to let this be adjustable, at least from the config file if not the in-game settings.

I’m quite certain someone could pretty easily code a macro to do this every now and then anyway, but I think it does belong in the official side too.

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