The enemies in this game must have an incredible power-level

To constantly teleport out of nowhere next to you.


yeah it adds an element of shock to the game i love it. unless you’re lagging then thats on your provider.

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Sorry, but I must disagree. Hordes and patrols dropping out of nowhere and hitting you in the back is not “an element of shock”. It’s something that should probably be fixed lol


“They have been teleported to your position with foul warp magic! Adventurers, you must keep on your toes!”

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psssh, nothin personnel kid

And now you know why that Skittergate has to go. They teleport their troops in and are so efficient at skrying on you that they can even buffer their attack animations sometimes. No wonder the end times turned out rather badly for Sigmar and his posse.


I’ve found it pretty damn entertaining. Once me and a friend abandoned our two downed teammates to run ahead, and a horde of Chaos spawned directly on top of us packed so tight we couldn’t even move. T’was a swift reward for our cowardice!

I do hope they fix it one of these days, because those gags are only funny for so long. I’d wager it has something to do with the lack of dedicated servers.

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I bet Serpent wants the monsters to pop up in place and not move. I bet Serpent got really frustrated with whack-a-mole in arcades lol

Serpent, did you struggle with whack-a-mole in arcades? LOLLOL

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