The Bardin's Lodge - Dawi Music

This thread is for all Dawi fans, and all Umgi and Elgi who wanders in, to post and discuss music related to the best and finest of all fantasy species: The Dawi!

I’ll start with one fast and funny and one slow and beautiful song.

Drunken Dwarves by Wind Rose

Song of Durin, written by Tolkien, and performed by Clamavi de Profundis

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I know this thread!

After searching I realized the topic of short person music has been discussed a few times, while no elf or zealous Sigmarite music thread exist.

OnT: Excuse my off topic rambling.


Damn, I didn’t know those threads were still open. I thought they were closed. Had I known that I would have posted in one of them. :frowning:

Here you go…

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It’s slightly off topic, but foes anyone know if the Geheimnisnacht keep music available anywhere?