Tactical axe swings not connecting

The underhand light attack of this tactical axe (mk6? I don’t remember exactly) often doesn’t connect with hitboxes.


Same here. Noticed it was not connecting with hit boxes. Would flat out miss one or two swings per combo or every other combo.

thank god i thought i was the only one, and i think this has been happening over a year ago lol, fatshark really need to take a double check on this one. Atrox Mk VII Tactical Axe is the one

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yah it’s been happening since forever. I just have a pc that can handle recording the game now

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That is correct. Tac axes had hitbox issues very early on and I thought it was fixed, but it looks like it’s back again. Now I can’t use the weapon because I will swing at an enemy, only to miss and absorb a free hit that should have killed or at the very least staggered.

This is the mkVII

ya its annoying and its a really good axe imo, so hopefully they will fix it next patch… in next week? or 2 weeks or 3 weeks? or after christmas? D:

any news from fatshark going to fix this??

This is a bug that happens with the Mark VII when you use the talent that gives you 10% attack speed. If you don’t pick that talent you won’t miss.

It has been reported (and acknowledged, I believe).

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