Atrox Mk II Tactical Axe: Hit Register Issues on First Hit

I have noticed that on some of my first swings into any combo (Heavy or Light), I will get the animation confirming I hit something, but will get no hit registers of any kind. This has been a rare, but noticeable, occurrence. I have attempted to replicate it in some of the matches, but it appears to be random. Here are a few examples when it happened (only one time that I noticed for each example):

  • Immediately light swinging after a dodge
  • Immediately light swinging after my Chastise the Wicked activation
  • Charging a heavy swing into a horde of dreg
  • Immediately light swinging after a Pox Hound was pushed off of me.
  • Light swinging after a successful parry

It tends to happen more right after any other action, but I have had instances when it just randomly decided to not register either. Hope this helps in some way!

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