System Latency 50 - 70ms (PLEASE HELP)

Hello everyone!
Not a long time ago I bought the game and installed it and what shocked me is that the system latency/rendering delay is around 50ms when roaming the map and peaks around 70ms when there is a horde.
The laptop I play this game on is Lenovo Legion 5 with RTX 3070 and Ryzen 5600h. MUX switch on, overdrive mode on. Low latency mode in the Nvidia control panel is set to ultra and power plan is set to maximum performance all on high settings and DLSS set to quality. Nvidia reflex does absolutely nothing to improve the latency issue.
I literally have the same laptop as Finn Benchmarks (youtuber) has except for the CPU (his is 5800h) so there shouldn’t be a significant difference in system latency. He gets around 15-20ms response time, while mine howers around 50 to 70ms which is bonkers! It also seems like the GPU is not untilized properly, in the lobby when I look at the gates with statues it’s uses around 96-98% of gpu (the response time drops to 25ms and I get a huge FPS boost), when I turn around it only uses 50-60% of GPU. If anyone have had this issue - please help!

If this is the video you’re comparing to:

They have DLSS disabled and that has a HUGE impact on frame times. Try disabling DLSS and see how that works.

Have tried it. That’s when I get around 50-70ms response time :roll_eyes:
DLSS improves the situation only a little bit, but then the GPU is not being utilised properly most of the time. For the most part CPU usage is 40-50% and GPU is 60%. Beta mode in steam’s settings seems to make things even worse.

Just accidently tried roaming around the lobby in windowed mode and the system latency improved to 7-10ms! What the actual F???

Full screen


Windowed mode

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