Surge Staff still not completely fixed after latest hotfix

Issue Description:
Surge Staff RMB still targets random body parts, which causes its non crit damage to be lower due to different armor types.
Tests done at 6 Warp Siphon + 5 Perfect Timing, with a 78% damage Surge Staff (25% flak/5% crit rate). Always starting at 0% peril and continuously shooting RMB without quelling.

The two biggest offenders end up being Shotgunners and Maulers
-Shotgunners end up taking two RMBs instead of one to kill if you’re unlucky and hit Unarmoured bodyparts.
-Maulers three instead of 2 (1 crit, 1 non crit) RMB to kill if you’re unlucky and hit Carapace bodypart.

Not as bad offenders:
-Dreg Gunner takes 2 rmbs (non crit) to kill no matter what, but you’re still doing less damage (~250 or so less).
-Reaper is an armor roulette: You can hit flak or carapace or unyielding. Doesn’t change breakpoints though, it’s still 4-3 RMBs to kill depending on crit luck.
-Bulwark where you can either hit unyielding or carapace. No change to breakpoints, still 4-3 RMBs to kill depending on crit luck.

This means we need to get 20% carapace (vs maulers) or 20% unarmoured (vs shotgunners) damage on the staff in addition to what we had before (20% flak) to get the breakpoints we did before the limb targetting change in patch 14 without EP… Which feels bad.

Mind you it’s still better than yesterday and I’m thankful for that, but not quite there yet.

Steps to Reproduce:
Use RMB from Surge Staff on Shotgunners, if they die in one hit it’s because you hit flak armor. If they don’t die in one hit it’s because you hit unarmoured body part. (~963 highest damage done on unarmoured body part, instant kill on flak)
Mauler’s Head also takes less damage since it’s carapace. 3 rmb instead of 2.

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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
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Here is an example vs Mauler:

As you can see, only a few ticks hit carapace yet it was enough to screw up the breakpoint. It’s obviously a lot worse if it’s the final tick that hits carapace, since then he’ll have a lot more hp than what’s seen here.

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A piece of good news: it seems the hit no longer targets the shield of shieldbearing ogryns.

Can confirm; still partially broken. I don’t know what I expected.

Classic Fatshark. Fixed a bug, only for it to not be fixed.


Patch notes say that this issue should be fixed, and it’s better than it was, but still not working as patch notes describe.

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I love how quick people are to catch and thoroughly debug these things. Surely FS would benefit from a closed test branch. This is an easy numbers fix to normalize the weapon to what it was at this point.

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