Surge gibbing changes still weird

Having someone be electrocuted and for it to cause their arm or leg to just fall off is… odd. Not sure why there is a desire to tone down the gibbing for surge and smite when weapons like plasma gun, voidstrike staff, and bolter can blast apart everything in their path. Would prefer a revert on this change (though grateful the damage bug is fixed) or otherwise revert to enemies just dropping dead again on non crit kills without the weird limb loss.

I’m completely against enemies just dropping dead because I then have to wait to see if they just stand up and fight again.

I want a decisive and clear effect that signals their deaths, if the explosions can be turned into an option, like a suboption of “Gibbing”, it would be wonderful.

BTW, I installed a mod called “For the Blood God” that lets you choose to make explode enemies killed by different skills/weapons.

I simply use it to make explode enemies killed by Blitzes.

In the meantime, let the god emperor magic those bodies out of the way by turning Max Ragdolls down as low as it goes!

That’s a nice suggestion, my issue is that if an enemy falls and it’s not dead I immediately switch to melee and finish it off.

If I can’t tell if they’re dead or not before they even fall I lose time watching them instead of dealing with other enemies.

Reducing max ragdolls won’t ever eliminate all of them.

They should rim the bits that fall off and where they were attached with soulfire so it’s a lot more visible that a part has fallen off, but I miss the " they’re already dead" sizzle animation. Currently they do the same “part missing, twist and fall” animation every time.

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Which one is that? If it’s the one where they are on the floor with sparks all over their bodies they can do it while still being alive.

That’s the issue, it now only happens when they are alive. As soon as they die, they lose a limb, stop the electrocution animation and do the boring death animation, they don’t flop onto the ground still jerking about a bit like it used to.

Thank god, that would be terrible.
If I’m using Smite and the horde is lighting up with sparks I don’t want the dead to also be full of sparks, I want them to be clearly different from the ones I still need to fend off.

It was very noticeable that they were dead, because they do the ragdoll flopping and not just the normal lie on the ground shocked. The current animation is both unclear and doesn’t suit the current non-explosive electric-based death at all.

Well assuming the lightning somehow fries them from within extremely quickly its totally possible for them to spontaneously explode.

Truth is its just hilarious to watch them turn into pasta sauce. Shame the staff was nerfed: it was doing a wee bit much last patch but im not sure if this was the right thing either. Maybe theyll balance it again.

I’m not sure it was “nerfed” as much as the empowered psionics bug was fixed so you can’t get a consistent double damage as long as at least one elite is caught in the zap

I kind of think the surge staff now needs a buff because it absolutely struggles (it took 3 zaps for me to kill a mutie w/ max damage and a 25% maniac buff), maybe i’m just not using it right but I’m finding it’s generally less effective than other staffs unless you need to kill a single bulwark or crusher.
i think they should allow psionics to work with all staffs just with a much smaller damage boost

Bugged or not it was definitely too powerful, but now (according to others; ive yet to use it post patch) it sure sounds like it needs a bit of fixing, considering the inconsistent damage targeting body parts(?)

I’d be perfectly fine with melee enemies taking a second to topple over as long as that enemy still counted as a hit until they actually fall. Losing decimator stacks (f.Ex.) because I didn’t in time notice that enemy was already on his way off this mortal coil is mildly annoying.

I preferred the old electrifaction finishers. Visual gibbing, blood explosions just smells of pointless gore porn to me and serves no purpose, in fact it obscures your screen if you are a fronliner.

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I liked the gibbing. It is bio-lightning, not simple electrocution…

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