Sugestion : new function to existing enemies

I like how you can make the flame rat explode, i think more enemies should have a mean of becoming useful to the player if the same is skilled enough, so here is some sugestions for features to existing enemies to have that also.

I hate them with passion however, i’d like if there was a point in his magical charging where a destructible spot would blink for 2 seconds before turning into a vortex where if the player shoot that a small series of chain lightnings would stun/stagger all enemies close to that area.
This would make for when hes sniping people from unreachable distances.

Shooting his staff before he grabs a player could shatter it to pieces resulting in him just running away barehanded instead, make him run away on foot and throw rocks at players whenever hes not alone anymore, that doesn’t make him as useful as other examples but that be funny anyway.

Interrupting his charge could make his fall drop/stagger everyone in its path, something similar already happen if you dodge him, but it could be stronger, hes a big boy, the area should be larger.

Now this one should be extremely difficult to achieve, when his orb is about to hit the player, a skilled enough player could grab it in the air by hitting E and now they have a gas granade, again the window to pull this off should be very tight, making it hard for player to just use them as grenade dispensers, and the gas still hurts the player so caution should be required.
Make its damage similar to a hagbane hit, but one that lasts as long as the gas stays there.

Chaos Warrior
Love them to death, i kind wish there were more variations of them, but my sugestion for him is to make it possible for shield baring characters to parry his attack by shield bashing it right when its about to connect sending his axe at high speed towards the direction of the shield impact thus killing enemies in its path, a weaponless chaos warrior could still kick and it would try to retrieve his axe if its in a playable area, otherwise he would just attempt to kick you off the ledge.

I just like when theres more to enemies than merely walk to player / try to kill player, specially nowdays that coop shooters are starting to appear out of nowhere, everyone is out to get your cheese fatshork, but thanks to the team talent and hard work you are ahead and you should stay ahead.
Keep up the good work.


I like the idea of different enemy mechanics but all of these suggestions sound way too ridiculous for this type of game.

In most games, enemy mechanics change the way a player needs to attack. Your suggestions are more like giving the player more advantages against the enemy.

No, thank you.


Many are useful to player just not in exploding fashion.

Rattling and Flame rats will often mow down own friendlies to get to players

Blighstorms likewise send enemies flying

Globideers gas their own too

Bestigors will knock down allies during charge even other bestigors lawl

So really don’t see a need for added complication theirs plenty of uses of enemy specials, CW’s need to feel stronger if anything not more comical.


Yeah Chaos Warriors…

"You’re next Godless Dwa…"ClangThumpStabBatterClonkClang Cartwheel up in the air dead.

It’s funny when they’re trying to be all tough and get thoroughly hammered into the floor without even finishing their sentence. Give a couple of em a massive shield. That’d make them tougher to kill but… put them into the *most annoying enemy in game" category.

I’d favour some kind of magic runes on Chaos Warriors armour giving them proof against something.

One Rune makes them immune to fire, one makes them immune to stagger, another makes them reveal stealthers, a different rune doubles their health and so on. Make the runes glow a different colour to make it easier for players to see what they’re up against.


I agree. It’s silly that the highest tier elite:

  • Can be one shot by nearly anything
  • Does the same damage as a Stormvermin and yet has some of the slowest attacks in the game (with the exception of a quick punch)
  • Is staggered by pretty much anything
  • Often forgets why he’s there and stands there doing nothing (happens a lot on FoW)
  • Are kind of spammed honestly. This one is more subjective but on Cata there needs to be quite a lot of CWs for them to be threatening.

CWs are basically glorified Shielded Stormvermin - all they do is slow you down. I think they have potential to be a bit more interesting.
Here’s some ideas for them:

  • Slight damage increase
  • CWs do extra damage to the player they call out (neat idea but I don’t think there’s anyway this could be executed well)
  • Not sure if this would be appropriate for Nurgle worshipping CWs but how about CWs heal a portion of their own health when dealing damage to a player?
  • An ability that spawns or draws in ambients more so than usual

This is a good idea. A CW with the ability to call in reinforcements will definitely make the game more interesting.

I wouldn’t be against the idea of a CW with some sort of AoE buff to his allies like the beastman banner. Plenty of MMO raid bosses have this feature.

Any enemy mechanic that makes the player think and stops the LMB spam would be a good change.

Who knows, maybe Fatshark could experiment with different mechanics and gain enough experience to make their first MMO game. That would definitely be a good source of income for them as MMO popularity is on the rise.

It couldn’t be worse than Fallout 76 that uses an almost 20 year old engine :joy:

Yes however these advantages are only usable if you execute them properly, and attempting to make use of them could prove risky.

But yeah i might have gone far in a few places…

Shielded Chaos warriors would make sense for the new Chaos Wastes expansion but shielded storm vermin are already a pain in the ass. Chaos patrols with shielded warriors sound like a sloggy nightmare.

I would however like to see the chaos spawn get another or have his current weak spot replaced by his skinny leg. Maybe allow for critical hits or critical heavy attacks to the skinny leg to stagger the spawn as though you’d used a bomb or ult.