Stop necromancy - Lock older threads

Can we get the older posts locked?

Perhaps after 2 weeks of inactivity they could auto lock?


That’s already a thing in most categories (Feedback, Bugs and Important Information get’s locked) but why do you think it’s bad if someone post’s in an old thread that has the same issue or message he does instead of spamming new threads all the time.
Also most issues won’t magically vanish after 2 weeks so why lock them them?


2 weeks is one thing, May is another. Most of those posts have baggage that only half applies now.


At some point, a property was introduced in the forums that automatically locks threads after some time, usually “7 days after the last reply”. This wasn’t retroactive, though, so months-old topics can still be reawakened. I think it was introduced as a tool against necromancy, though. Most of the thing is the “suggested topics” part under the thread, which doesn’t consider age of the thread, and people not looking at when thing were posted.

While many topics are still relevant, it’s troublesome to start reading 50+ posts just to get up to speed as to what the new poster is even responding to. People’s opinions also change, as does the game. If someone wants to raise an old issue (which hasn’t been discussed in months), it’s better to start a new conversation from a clean slate than to continue one that no one remembers anymore.

But as the changes to the thread lockdown didn’t apply retroactively, every old thread would need to be manually locked. I guess a script could be made for it, but is either option really worth the trouble?

Don’t let Kruber see this.

Not a Necromancer Marcus!


I’m gonna bookmark this and try to get the mods to open it in a year just to troll.


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