Spot where enemies can't path to at Chaos Wastes, Lost City of Marakza, 'Endure the Ritual' part

In the Chaos Wastes, The Lost City of Marakza level, ‘Endure the Ritual’ part, there is a spot where enemies can’t path to nor reach. Even the Nurgle-curse ‘Malevolent Spirit’ will not be able to catch players in that spot.

See the spot here where I and Saltz are standing (notice that bots also can not path to the spot):

Spot where I, Saltz, and Kerillian are standing:

Even the Malevolent Spirit is helpless against the cheese spot and will be unable to catch any players on there:

Another related possible bug is that even if we do not stay inside the ritual area and just stay at the cheese spot, the ‘Endure the ritual part’ will still eventually end (unlike in Convocation of Decay). Is this by-design?


Not needing to stay inside the circle is true on both such events in CW.

Yeah people go up here every game and cheese, so you’re stuck soloing the horde if you actually want to kill rats. Similarly the dock heading across the water in Slaughter Bay kills any enemy that touches it even though the heroes can stand there unharmed, many cheesers hanging out there too. Sometimes the beserker targeting pushes a player off the ledge when they hang out there though.

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