Splitted Patrol at Skittergate

console-2018-09-27-20.05.34-57E64D63-2B9F-4F7E-98DB-2386.log (1.0 MB)

So it´s a bit hard to understand, but i´ll give my best to explain.

After the 2nd tome on skittergate, you reach a broken ship with a chest. At this position, you can decide between 2 ways to go on. After we heard, that a SV-patrol is near, we decided to move on the right way. We jumped down to the position where i stand in the picture.

So the patrol was gone… i thought so… i moved to the right, where you can see Kruber and appaerantly there were 4 SV´s. It´s Norska, so there shoulnd´t be normal SV´s. I killed them, turned back because my gf told me “the pat saw us”.
There came just 2/3 of a normal patrol. So the 4 SV´s bugged on this position, meanwhile the rest of the patrol moved on to the left.

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