Special Weapon Action Not Working On Select Keybinds

Special attacks on some weapons won’t execute at all if bound to mouse scrollwheel up/down. Admittedly, an odd choice of bind, and understandable when used with Ogryn’s shield, for which I have no complaints, but it also doesn’t work on weapons that shouldn’t have hold-to-execute special actions, i.e. bayonets on lasguns that have them and Psyker staves melee attacks.

Some special attacks require that the special attack button be held down. For these actions, using the scroll wheel will make the action impossible, I’m afraid.

Well, that’s the thing, a short keyboard tap works just fine for bayonet stabs and staff melee, there is no tangible “holding down” of the button, unlike with Ogryn’s shield, which is a stance he has to hold. I assume it’s something to do with key press and release states? I understand this is not even a blip on the priority radar, but if those special attacks could be made to work with the wheel, it would be much appreciated.
Thanks for responding, either way!

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I would like the option to try. My mouse has a free-spinning scrollwheel, and I could “hold” an action using the free spin if I wanted. It is a frustrating experience that the game lets me pick the option, but refuses to acknowledge it.

I get why that is an issue for the Slab Shield special action, but for every other weapon I would want the option to just treat that as a quick tap.

Because honestly, most of the time that it is actually useful I don’t want to charge the staff melee attack, because that takes too much time for too little gain.

In fact, even with the slab shield, letting that be input as a quick tap will tell the user intuitively what’s going wrong. They will see the quick input not holding, and realize that should probably rebind to an actual key. As it is, this bug keeps getting re-reported because it looks like the game is broken when it ignores our input.

Your mouse will still be sending “keyup” between every scroll increment.
Anything they change at their end to get that to work on a free scroll would probably introduce input lag.

You may be able to write an autohotkey script to remove that key up signal until you scroll up, but I’m not sure that’s going to feel good, and Easy Anti Cheat may have issues with that kind of action.