Special flood after gatekeeper transforms in skittergate

Most of today’s Skittergate attempts have been ruined by one stage and two things:
When the Gatekeeper transforms, the gate opens. Behind said gate, there is usually quite a decent number of elites that immediately get aggro’d to join the fight. Wouldnt be a problem usually.

But the worst part, when he transforms, there is also a number of specials spawning all at once. And all the attempts today, have been stopped by a blightstormer every single time, conjuring his vortex through level geometry or from so far away you cant even tag him, left alone aim with earlier mentioned elites.

This behaviour of spawning in specials used to be there after lords had been killed, but has since been fixed. So i ask you, why isnt it fixed for Naglfahr? Its even worse on him, because hes not actually dead.

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