Spawned too far back in Relay Station / missing elevator

I joined an in-progress game of Relay Station and spawned at the beginning. The rest of the team was either dead-and-rescuable or newly-dead when I joined. They had already taken the elevator down. I encountered a bunch of enemies in the starting hallway (where normally there are no encounters), and then plummeted down the elevator shaft to my death. All in all a strange and unsatisfying experience.

Update: this happened again yesterday in Enclavum Baross, except it was a different player joining at the end (once everyone was down) and spawning at the beginning. Prior to this, we had someone disconnect, and another player couldn’t join for an extended period of time – felt like a bug, it persisted for much longer than the usual wait time when someone DCs. And then finally someone pops in, right as we all die.

The earlier player disconnected at 20:30. So there was a six minute period between when he DCd and the new guy joined. In that interval, our friend (a different guy) was actively attempting to join repeatedly, and the game kept not letting him join – all the way up until the very end, when it randomly let a different guy join, but it spawned him at the very very beginning of the map.