SoT - Festering Ground - Pushed boss out of the map, get stuck by bosswall


Playing as Sister of the Thorn on Festering Ground just now, a Chaos Spawn spawns by the section with vines, after 2nd grimoire and before 3rd tome. As he is stopped by the vines, I use a Thorn Wake on him to apply the 20% increased damage. Unfortunately, that pushed the boss in the right wall and it got stuck there, not moving or attacking me anymore. As it is out of my reach, I tried completing the map only to be greeted by a boss firewall before the ending.


Console logs (it was the last game played):
console-2021-06-07-13.12.19-7643768b-d72c-4ed4-89ca-706927ee734b.log (864.1 KB)

Well that should be fixed with today’s patch. Thanks!

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