Sorting items in the crafting menu

When you are looking to equip an item it is nice to see that they are sorted in descending power order starting at the top left corner. Yet when you go to the “Salvage Items” menu the items get jumbled. It would be nice to sort by power level then by rarity in this menu since it would make it much faster to salvage outdated items.

Yes, this will be nice! to much Chaos for Salvage

I find it useful. You usually want to equip the highest power first, and you want to salvage the lowest power first.
And when you see the quality of the item by its colour, it’s not that hard to sort out what to keep and what to salvage.

But to be able to switch the sorting would be nice: Having an option to sort by either power level, quality, weapon/item type.

“Sort by Illusions”
To “Save” some Collection of Illusion is for me the Main Thing by Salvage and Save some different Items Stats and Traits on same Item Type.

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