Some unanswered questions

Hello everyone, I am reposting here the link of my first request which has not been answered. Hoping this one doesn’t go unnoticed for questions that are fairly easy to answer (at least I hope so) Rename and Plasma gun - #6 by tinybike

I would really like to know if:

  1. We can rename his character at least once or if I have to make a request. I made a mistake on my first character which is also my hand, I wouldn’t want to start all over again on her.

  2. Why the plasma rifle in patch 1.0.22 (January 25, 2023) lost almost 600 damage? On the crushers I put 2400 damage and after this update I’m at 1813. It hurts such a nerf that comes out of nowhere.

  3. In patch #4 of February 22, now that we have access to blessings, I tested my plasma rifle again, with lots of different blessings. My damage did not move, I stayed at 1813 vs crusher in headshot. I thought to myself, well I’m going to put the +3 blessing in tear vs armor. After several tests, I stay at 1813 damage despite +3 tear. Whereas before, the tear was super strong. Even on the bolter it doesn’t do much.

Has there been a change to the Tear?

Thank you in advance for your answers, hoping to have one. (especially for the rename)

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