So someone on the /r/ was unable to upgrade a weapon

Here are some of the replies trying to help:

  • If you have it equipped on another career you won’t be able to get rid of it.

  • I can only assume the game thinks you have it equipped on a class you don’t, but don’t know how to change it. Perhaps you have it marked as “favourite” and that prevents it from showing up?

  • You’ve got it equipped on one of your other Kerillian careers.

  • I’ve had this bug several times. Mostly on dlc weps. Just got to make a new one from scratch.

  • Had a similar issue with my Bret long sword and unequipping the illusion fixed it for me

  • Did you upgrade this bow once already? I have noticed I cannot upgrade items more than once.

A lot of the advice being offered is wrong, largely because there’s no definitive guide on how anything works apart from online hearsay or anecdotal information.

Questions like this pop up constantly on the /r/ which says to me that there are 20 times as many people who simply don’t bother asking, assume the game is bugged, and subsequently move on.

So… why is there no official guide in-game or elsewhere that explains the game’s many, many undocumented mechanics? What is the goal with not making any information available?

I’m going to take a wild guess that FS feel an official guide would have to be written in Lohner’s voice or it breaks immersion, but that would also be too much work to implement, so they just ignore it. Thoughts?

Honestly at this point its an official feature.