So regarding sienna's flaming skull.. (no not a whine thread dammit)

I’m curious , as i’ve had to bring this up a few times now. Does anyone know how this thing is INTENDED to work? far as i can tell it doesn’t have a fixed number of times it can chain but a max amount of damage it can do. I say this because i’ve noticed it REALY hates zerkers / monks, if you fire it at a pod of them it will actually chain and kill 4-5 of these specials (the ones with the lowest hp) but it as far as flame gas and gun rats it seems to chain off a max of two of them and will seems to outright stop chaining if you hit a stormer / sv / CW…

Anyone have any idea of the intended behaviour here?

I think it may be related to the cleave mechanics.
Enemies have a set amount of mass and that’s what the projectiles have to beat.

Sometimes Trueshot will penetrate targets without dealing fatal damage. I think Pyro’s active may just be too strong so it doesn’t happen against regular enemies.

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