Smite left vs right

What’s the difference between left and right smite?

The right seem just straight up superior? It target more enemies right away, for me seems to do more damage, they both generate similar amounts of peril. Sure the left can be cast near instantly but I can only see it being in very niche situations and the right isn’t that much slower.

What is the point of the left click?

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I was just about to make a post about the very same thing. My guess is if theres just one enemy that needs to be stunned like a crusher asap maybe it has some use?

I am interested also… as a bad psyker, I would love to hear others.

My experience is… that’s useless
Always right click before using… even middle charge

From my understanding, the right click charge. If you don’t charge, you just give one impulsion. So, not enough to give time to your teammates to take advantage of the smite

The leftclick was supposed to be a damaging burst while the held attack is a constant stream of damage expending until max peril. But you’re right, holding Smite is superior, always.
Here’s hoping the next patch makes the leftclick stand out a bit more.


havent used it since the first day , but isnt left a fast knockback?

idk it seems like such a bad pick over the alternatives, it’s redundant, just make new Marks of the Surge saff or something, “Smite” as a blitz, it’s just not what I want to use at all

they need more synergy with the staffs and talents for sure, there are barely any blessings for staffs (only 3 t4? c’mon man).

it’s redundant,

Considering how many times its saved runs.
Its 100% not redundant.

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Right Smite is the “horde stun, splitting the consistent damage between everyone” Smite. The left Smite isn’t what it should be. The left Smite should be the single target “UNLIMITED POWER” that just obliterates a single enemy at the cost of high peril generation or something. Y’know, make the left Smite something more… interesting than being just “haha funny stun lock.”

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Its funny because Bio-Lightning in lore is described as a devastating attack. But in Darktide its just a tickle.


The charged horde-stunner Smite being seldom weak is for the sake of balance, but the left Smite is just a weaker version of the right Smite. The left one should be that devastating attack but only for one enemy, again, for the sake of balance.

To be fair that in of itself is kind of powerful.
People who don’t go down by disabler spam usually die because they failed to stagger the enemy they were fighting. That’s at least what I’m seeing a lot. Things such as Crusher attacks going through or Poxwalker attacks from the back.

So in those instance it makes quite a difference.

I understand that for the right Smite, that’s its job and I 100% agree that it’s useful. My issue comes from the fact that the left Smite is just… a weaker version of its counterpart. It’d be nice to be able to vary between stunning the enemies as a group to prioritising one in a devastating blow. It’d add a bit of complexity to the move.

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