Skittergate Switch Skip

It is possible to skip the activation of the switch for the Skittergate by using the terrain and Siennas firewalk ability.

How To:

Step 1: Jump onto the wooden beam and follow it to the left

Step 2: Jump from the beam sticking out to this location.

Step 3: Use firewalk to move as far as possible

Step 4: Use firewalk to this location.

Step 5: get up on one of the beams sticking up with the firewalk skill.

Step 6: Firewalk down to the ground on the left side of the switch.

Result: You are now in the area after the switch without activating it, and the gate is not active.

If done the correct way it is possible to repeat with 100% success.

pps. Arvid has seen parts of this already

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