Skip tutorial

As I sit here waiting for my release day version to launch, I find myself simultaneously stoked to play this game (loved the first one; second one is looking even better) AND prepared to be a quite miffed if I have to play thru the tutorial again. I appreciate the need for a tutorial. Please appreciate that many of the folks in your base already played 100s of hours and should be able to skip the tutorial. I haven’t even loaded yet, but I’m guessing I’ll have to play the tutorial again. Gonna try to Alt-F4 and see if it will skip. Good day to you!

I say, Good Day!!

tap F2 twice, then escape key, and select leave game. it will then take you directly to the keep. Enjoy. (assuming you’re still in the cinematic, otherwise just hit escape and leave game.)


Will try. Thanks!

Confirmed! This works.

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