Sister Espinho needs a new balance?

Sister Espinho is no longer the main player to be a supporting player in a game, what is your opinion?

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Not sure about numbers tgemselves but from personal experiece she was brought down from the overtuned position to a more balanced one.

Her burst dmg was gutted for sure, which was a good thing in my oppinion. But her consistent dmg was increased and she was given more support cababilities aswell.
I find her in a better place now, definately not weaker then the rest.
In my humble oppinion.


She has good periodic damage i.e. she has become a great supporting player, no longer the lead actress in a match

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Skill isue she is still stupidly strong but now need more than mindless m1 clicking

If your skill is to run in front of everyone, killing everything in front of you and in the end you have more enemies killed in champion and legend, that’s not the subject… I’m talking about cataclysm 1,2,3.

she is still very powerful, her utility is almost unrivaled.

she has so many tools to help the team,
sure she doesn’t pump out dmg to the degree others can, but she is supposed to be a support career and she does that exceptionally well.


now yes a good answer very good , thank you