Sire melk achievement did not register

Issue Description:
Achievement “kill 5 monstrosities” registered as completed in the match, but Sire Melk did not acknowledge it when I checked his kiosk.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. I had 4/5 monstrosities slain and queued for a threat level 1 assassination mission.
  2. No Corrupted Ogryn nor Beast of Nurgle appeared in the mission. However, defeating the final boss of the mission registered as the final monstrosity slain.
  3. I immediately went to Sire Melk’s kiosk upon spawning. The deed was not acknowledged by Melk/stats.


Player ID:
My STEAM name is Coffee Slurper

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
23 November 2022 2:30pm EDT

Reproduction Rate:
1 time, unique

Upload Supporting Evidence:
I am the Emperor of Mankind, My Word is Law.

I believe I uploaded the logs that you requested. Normally, I have my tech priestess do such things, but she’s at work right now.

Go in peace, My child.