Simple fix

Adding a stat such as blocked damage and pushed foes would do wonders to increasing team work, especially in low levels, and making all the roles feel balanced.

Right now everyone still… I dont care who you are ( no lying)… looks at their number of kills at the end of the match first thing.

For roles that are supposed to mitigate damage you feel like next time perhaps you can sneak a few more in while still being that team player… the unsung hero. The problem is you already did a bang up job in helping the team succeed and your role was vital.

Then players go on to discuss how their hero is underpowered because they get fewer kills than others repeatedly even when playing well.

We all know the game isn’t just about kills but we still want to feel useful and it can be difficult when theres no green on the board at the end of the map.

I say add more cool stats to the end of the game screen… even if it’s off the wall stuff like damage evaded… time carrying tomes… damage blocked… time carrying grims… enemies aggroed.

I feel classes are pretty well balanced but when the end screen focuses on kills and damage it doesnt make the game feel as balanced

Simple fixes like this would go a long way

I play all classes btw and am equally sufficient at them but having put lots of time into this game I clearly see why people are still complaining about balance

Just my .02


I completely agree for tanks as such damaged blocked or for example Kruber foot knight with his aura would show how much damage he mitigated for his other teammates. That would help Kruber players stay close to provide his aura for his team.

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Blocking and pushing isn’t really that viable or necessary. The most important is handling the killing. Dead enemies won’t hurt you, since I’ve started charging/jumping into patrols as Zealot/Slayer my team dies a lot less often, since we’re taking on the patrol on our terms. Patrol avoiding is all fun and stuff, and then a boss tosses you towards patrol and teM gets wiped by joint effort of horde, boss and patrol. Tanks can only stagger and stun patrol, and what you really need to safely complete the run is enemy population control.

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Scoreboard changes are something that have been asked for since before launch, and discussed quite extensively at certain points.

I agree that some more defensive stats would be fun, and other tweaks to the scoreboard too, but Damage Blocked isn’t feasible. Pretty much by definition, any damage that doesn’t get through to a player doesn’t get calculated, so it cannot be tracked. Hits blocked could be sensible though, and Stamina lost (possibly separated to pushes and blocks) could complement that. Dodged or otherwise fully evaded hits would be even worse to track, and I suspect would impact performance noticeably.

What I’d like to see is the separation of Damage taken to Permanent and Temp health sections. While several Careers (e. g. Merc, Zealot, Slayer) may have quite a lot of damage taken in the end, the vast majority of that is is into temp health and as such much less significant than any hits taken to permanent health, so it would be nice to actually track this. I don’t know how easy it would be, though. Probably not that hard, but the scoreboard seems to be pretty low on the priority order anyway.

You can safely swap out Damage Taken and swap in something like “HP healed” + “Deaths” or “Time spent bound” which will account for the stuff that counts - healing wasted on a person and the amount of extra work his or her death caused the teammates to do.
But this all is moot IMHO - everything I saw since the release tells me that FS does not play their own game so they wouldn’t know what matters and what doesn’t. For some reason, they also don’t consider just plain copying the rest of the gameplay features from L4D…

Attacks blocked and enemies staggered would highlight the more tanky careers. Damage taken is something I like to minimize but it truly doesn’t matter much if 90% of it was temp health.

Great discussion here.

I do hope they continue to support, update ( & make these games.) I think V2 is still a ton of fun and honestly not many games keep me going back to them.

Always nice to see how respectful the community is as well.

On agreeable things. Otherwise we’re tearing each others’ heads off.

I like the idea, but only stats won’t do much difference I think.
In V1 there is a sound and a log message on the left when you block attacks that almost hurt a teammate
or you kill an enemy that is attacking a teammate

that sound and messsage are useful but can become annoying in large battles

maybe some kind of reward or weapon/equipment trait to improve and encourage to protect/help/save teammates and encourage teamwork too

Just remove everyone elses stats and only show your own. Problem solved. The end of game stats are pretty much completely useless anyway.

And if you can’t figure out who was the good and who was the bad players without them, then you got a whole set of other problems.

But yes, if we do keep the scorescreen, make teamrelated things show up there. Perhaps don’t show damage done and damage taken, but rather a ratio of those two of some sort. Or something simillar.

Comparing stats is part of the fun, and can give you a better sense of relative performance, so there certainly is a place for the other players’ stats. There is the problem that they bring in some competitiveness in people, though…

While I don’t think others’ stats should be removed from view, they maybe could be replaced by a simple relative stat in addition to the absolute ones, i. e. how big part of the whole team’s Elite Kills/Damage/Friendly fire you did. Hopefully it would reduce the green circle competition while still preserving some of the information comparative stats can give.

The end score screen is the only way we can really measure our performance in the game, aside from a couple of mods and gut feeling, and it can be used to help follow one’s skill progress. You already need to know what to look at and what to ignore, though, and the info given is quite one-sided. Comparative performance is one part of the useful info, even if some people or Careers will always perform better than you in some aspects. To help this aspect of learning aid, and to reduce or at least widen the competitive aspect beyond sheer killing power, we really do need more defensive and team-related stats to show.

But this is a co-op teambased game. It doesn’t really matter who did the most damage or whatever, as long as you work as a team and win!

I’d rather see things like “times someone ran ahead alone” and “times someone was left behind” as stats.

As for personally getting better, you can’t really see that anyway with different players and group configs.

Just add all the stats up and give the team an overall rating instead. As I said, it’s a teamgame!

And as for the comparative stuff, no, the stats on the scorescreen really don’t matter, you prob know if you did well or not without having to see any numbers.

There’s no problem running ahead if no specials are up, it helps the team progress as long as said player doesn’t overwhelm themselves

Just have a single stat at the end that says “Number of times this player acted like a complete idiot.”

90% of elf players would top the board every time. In fact, if I mained elf(WS), I’d be extremely annoyed at everyone else being so godawful at it.

[edit] actually we need another stat that says “Number of times this player caused some unnecessary Shytestorm that almost wiped the team by being an egocentric pillock.”

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More often than not, they run ahead then start spamming “Come here” which often leads the rest of the team to get scattered, as some are buzy fighting of something and some starts running, ending up with an even worse situation.

Also, it also happends that the one running ahead gets atleast one special on him and cant handle it, resulting in a death and a lot of whining about “why didn’t you come to me!”…

Just stick with the team, it’s a much better sollution, than running of alone!

Also add a stat “Number of specials pinged”, so more people learn how to use that pretty important feature. If it’s on the scoreboard, maybe they will start to use it!

I don’t spam voice lines at people impatiently, I’m more aware of issues like that happening and if I don’t handle it myself, I don’t blame my team. You know there’s people who can solo legend maps, being alone isn’t a deathwish. I’ll go back if I hear a disabler so that my team can see me.

I did not talk about you specifically, or say that all people that go solo mess up, just that that seems to be something that happens more often than not. And there isn’t really anything gained by going solo, but lots gained by staying with the team, so why do it?

Killing enemies, thinning out the horde isn’t helping? There’s more to teamwork than sticking together, it’s being productive

And what is the benefit of killing enemies solo, that would come to the team if you were with them instead? The reason they spawn around the solo player is because he is there. If he were with the team, they would spawn there instead. So nothing is really gained from that.

But yes, of course there are more things to teamwork than sticking together, but rushing off solo to kill stuff is not one of them…

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