Shock Trooper condition applies on ALL conditions

After playing for some time I noticed there were a lot of specials then before, considering that they were added +1 to Heresy and Damnation . Like A LOT. Just completed Water Purification facility on heresy low-intensity (We just wanted fast run) we got : 2 Mutants, 3 Dogs, 4 poxbursters, 2 flamers and 4 ragers and 2 ogryns at the same time. After that it repeated, but with beast of nurgle in addition. And after that we played another low-intensity mission, but on damnation. We didn’t get a chance to rest. Constant, non-stop waves of elites and specials.

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Just had the same experience here; played 2 rounds back to back of Chasm Logistratum (the special ammunition version of the map). Only the first round had the Shock Troop Gauntlet modifier, yet a similar volume of specialists were present in the second round (along with endless hordes)

I’ve witnessed this too, ridiculous waves of specials dumped on us out of nowhere. It didn’t happen every time but it definitely happened in missions that did not have the shock trooper mutator.

Just had it happen to me too. One of them was Malice Hi-Intensity (Silo Cluster). But it only happened in the final event (the rest felt normal for high intensity). As soon as we pushed the button, two poxbursters spawned, then 2 trappers. Once 3 of us were down, another trapper spawned and I just see them running and chuckling toward the poor zealot with 2hp.

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