Shade can Backstab Allies?

I got insta-killed by shade and just dropped dead. I don’t know what other information to include so I’ll upload the console log by attaching it here.

I looked at the log myself. I don’t know if it can provide any insight into what happened. Perhaps the elf simply did team damage with the javelin and the damage over time killed me. I know for sure it wasn’t enemy damage. I was in a safe spot, nothing around, then instantly dropped dead. The kill feed indicated the shade teammate got me.

I was already somewhat peeved at this point because a hookrat spawned around a corner behind me and dragged me into a spawning horde from behind while I was trying to catch up to the team after discarding grim bc apparently they didn’t want it. I think I’ll take another break. (424.6 KB)

Sounds like the ai director wanted you dead :wink:

As far as I know the bonus damage to backstabs is only applied to melee attacks.

yes it sure is, it was a melee attack

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