Server Error Sign-in Timeout

So after a solo Legend run on righteous stand my game crashes and after restarting i get the message “sign in timeout”. I have tried to verify my steam files and it said one file was missing and after restarting the game again the error still persits. i havent tried reinstalling yet tho i might do that. I know that this issue was fairly common for a time and i heard from people that got locked out of the game permanently so saying im worried is a understatement. Also my game never crashed before so this is quite troublesome. Im from Germany in case this is of relevance - i hope you guys can help me out, i just hope this gets resolved one way or another… im basically breathing vermintide so having no access is just sad :frowning:

also after some restarts this popped up: GUID: 6e7bcd5f-78c8-4752-ba35-1f2f9649e409

and when trying to do a benchmark it says no benchmark files found xd

I do have the same issues. In Germany too.

Ich schreibe das jetzt mal in deutsch, da mein Englisch nicht das Beste ist. Es funktioniert wieder bei mir wieder allerdings kann ich weder Spoils of War benutzen noch Gegenstände verwalten.

Crappy english version:

For me it works now but i cant use Spoils of war, manage or create my loot.

Please run through the solutions for this particular error listed here.

It sounds like you may be accidentally playing on the ‘Modded’, as opposed to the ‘Official’ realm. Your realm can be changed using the checkboxes above the ‘Play’ button within the launcher.

If that isn’t the case, please restart your PC.

Thank you. Didnt look for the checkbox after i changed it.

alright its working on my end again :smiley: You guys have any leads on whats causing the issue or is it just really hard to point down?

It’s almost always a local issue, for most people a simple DNS Flush can sort it out. In this case it could be an ISP-related hiccup perhaps, considering you’re both based in Germany - I can’t be sure.

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Keep getting this error-i play this game from finland and kind of making me regret wasting 2 hours cause of errors and such and i bought this game from steam sale. :confused: i playd one 2 days ago and kept getting errors so i was like i give it a day or 2 to get fixed maybe it something to do with new patch or something. i dont want to regret buying this game

Yeah the game tends to be unstable at times especially with new updates. I feel ya and hope this get resolved quickly. I love the game to death but sometimes it can be quite frustrating should it decide to turn on you…

I dunno im not very adept regarding technical issues related to software. But when I checked my time line I saw that my windows had updated and apparently the game downloaded something too around the time the crash happened. Just a guess but from my experience those darn windows updates always mess everything up lmao. I just hope the game runs smoothly from now on.

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