Seemingly random item switches most often during combat

Mostly while fighting I’ll get random switches to my other weapon or a healing item or a potion. My key binds are the same as they’ve always been, the only button that can switch items on my mouse is the wheel and I’m definitely not wheeling it. It doesn’t happen in any other games so it’s not my keyboard/mouse going haywire. Would love to see this fixed, it’s been happening for at least a few months now. For whatever reason it seems to happen more often with a shielded weapon, but I was just on shade and it happened a lot with dual daggers switching to my healing slot in the middle of combat like every 5 minutes or so. I play a lot of slayer and it never seems to happen on slayer, mostly Footknight, Ironbreaker, Waystalker, and Shade but it probably has happened on other characters those are just the ones I’ve noticed it most prominently.

If possible you could try another mouse or different keybinding. This way you could see if there’s some kind of rare anomaly between your mouse and the game.

What mouse are you using?
Any mods or third party tools?

(I once had a “bug” in a different game where for some reason i sometimes had a gentle draft to the left. Took me hours to find out it was because my keyboard slided to the left, gently pushed the thumbstick on my G13 which I thought would be inactive. In fact it even had a complete profile loaded and I had not knowingly multiple input devices activated.)

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Normally the reports are that it doesn’t switch when players want it to, rather than random switching of it’s own accord.

I do suspect this to be a hardware issue. As Ricordis says, any particulars about your set up? Other peripherals plugged in? Anything that might interact with your mouse? Does your keyboard have a touchpad perhaps or a scroll wheel of it’s own? Anything at all?

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