Season 1 weave challenges

Aw damn, I didn’t see this thread. But here’s my personal two cents.

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I’ll be honest, the only reason I’m doing the weaves this time around is for my pink doughnut. :slight_smile:

I see they’ve fixed that with S2 though and actually put them in the S2 tab versus the weave expedition tab.

If there’s no rewards for leaderboards…is there even a point of them? Rankings seem somewhat arbitrary without a reward.

It’s all manipulation. Especially advertising. And it’s everywhere.

This kind of question would lead to topic of free will, determinism etc.

I think dailies,weeklies and seasons are just pushing you more into what you enjoy, what you want to do anyway, it’s not like I’m doing weekly mission in game I don’t give a crap about.

But there is prolly some % of people who are on the edge and would not play the game X if there was no push of this kind.

Well they could bring back a “Season 1” leaderboard memorium (eliminating the cheaters or weird scores). If that’s the issue there.

They wanted to give em out, I saw the thread and was like “are u f-in kidding me?” and… and it seems like the plan got aborted :joy:

They couldnt give rewards for positions because it was a joke, it was like half of the board was filled with fake invite positions, that they were told 1000 times about and … it’s not even fixed now in S2.

Plus of course there was so much of just straight up cheating.

They are more fair now, lucky you, hope you enjoy them :slight_smile: i’d have to admit it hurts me a bit knowing other players can get them in this more fair season now :’(

This is what i’m still unsure about, maybe they made the s1 frame available because of how unfair it was in season 1, so maybe they will keep season 2 frame season locked, still need a dev to get back to me on that, but i doubt they know what they wanna do.

I remember hedge saying at the end of season 1, where i asked the same question.

Top spots on leaderboards weren’t cheated, the scores where completely doable if you know how the scoring system works.

invites were are problem tho

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For me there are 2 things then :

  • The Leaderboards : You missed the season, you’re not in it.
  • The Cosmetics Rewards : Way more attainable than “top 1”, they can come back after a while or available for a price. (if we follow a lot of others more marketing friendly games than PoE :p)

It’s fair that leaderboards stay “exclusive” for a season. And even completionnist won’t mind.
Rewards are another thing.
Which is why this idea => A ranked money given for the seasonnal challenges that can be spent for “ranked money” cosmetics could be the best of both worlds.

Some were cheats that FS kept stripping out but they were fairly easy to spot.

They are more fair now, lucky you, hope you enjoy them :slight_smile: i’d have to admit it hurts me a bit knowing other players can get them in this more fair season now :’(

If it makes you feel any better, I did some of the higher ones in S1. Was zero fun for me to be honest. I have nightmares from 102/103 (whichever the two shot troll weave was). :sweat_smile:

I get where you’re coming from though and hope you’ll get more exclusive ones this season.

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103 :stuck_out_tongue:

I know multiple people who log in & just play on champion to grind out the weekly missions, though. Even if they enjoy the game more on Legend or Cata, they don’t want to commit to that level of time sink so just speedrun on champion with almost zero chance of failed runs. In that sense, they’re just ticking something off of the checklist rather than playing the game they like.

Those were found really fast, and to my knowledge there weren’t any at the top in the end. It’s hard to believe the scores sometimes, i didnt believe it at first, but then i figured out the scoring system with some help, asked the players their strats and it made sense and was doable.

Oh some were definitely legit, like the group that ledged the SF at the beginning of 160. But the solo players on the top of the quad board with a score of something ridiculous; those were kind of farfetched :stuck_out_tongue: They were at the top for a bit, and then FS did a giant crackdown at the end of the season iirc, where legit scores were kept on, so the scoreboards normalized.

They don’t but I was making a point that it was competition, it was actually pure competition since there wasn’t even frames or something it was just, look at my big d*ck score.

That’s not my main problem, my main problem would be for example the damn guided missile attacks that are not fixed, that’s super irritating. Or like the Mauler jumping and swinging 1-2 meters away from me and downing me, or … or … or…

That is genious, people who really care about the game and want to support it will, and they will with high numbers. Others can just play for free if they don’t have money or don’t wish to spend them.

Basically you could just buy currency tab and 1 quad tab and be fine, that would cost you 20$ or something. So it’s not really F2P game, because it’s kinda demo without those 2 things.

It’s perfect. Like for example I’m happy to send them 60$ a season or so, and have absolutely no bad feelings about it. How’s that not perfect.

I would be happy to do something similar with VT2, but they need to get their sh*t together. Now I’m not really inclined to something like that since as I said most of the super irritating stuff did not get fixed (might write some post about it) and can’t even play the new season cos it’s bugged and on top of that I spend 6 hours fixing the performance issues that made suddenly game unplayable for me.

Like how bad the experience can be ? I can’t imagine it being worse than this.

It’s hard to ask for mtx support in that kind of situation.

What do you mean it’s not friendly, you don’t have to buy it and if you play the game you can get free MTX from league challenges and events.

You could play since beta and pay nothing except for the 20$ or something for the currency and quad tab.

I played D3 a lot when it came out, and it was failure when it did came out and it is now, like what are u doing in D3, nothing, you grind same classes to get sets in new seasons and look at numbers in millions popping all over the screen, it’s comical. It has nothing to do with POE. It’s like talking about tricicle and motogp bike.

But how do you get that frame in first place ? Is it by placing super high on some ranking system ? Or is it some easy daily like thing that kinda everyone can achieve ?

What, so it is available ? Like you do 120 and you get frames for S1 and S2 ? I thought people are complaining because it is not available.


Ah… that’s another disappointing thing on already overflowing list.

I mean, the topic was not a versus between Diablo 3 and PoE. Diablo 3 did good stuff and bad stuff. PoE did good stuff and bad stuff (yeah, even PoE is not perfect). Making exclusive wings for 1000$ is bad stuff that I don’t want to see there, that’s kinda all (even if you find it genius :p)


On a more abstract point of view, I have hard time with exclusives in general because they… exclude (hence the name). A co-op game should be a mostly inclusive place rather than exclusive.

Even in terms of …bringing new people, if you don’t see the world like this, people will be more attracted to a game where the community is friendly, not a community where you ask how to obtain a frame and your answer is “You were not there. Too bad for ya !”. And More players means more content for the game, therefore for you if you don’t really care about new players in the first place.

But Mattie (and kuli, and others) are right, the frame still need to be some sort of challenge to obtain (which is a nice long goal for new players as FoW Cata would be if there were no bug to skip it =p). And I fully agree with this.

I don’t remember ever seeing 1000$ mtx, but even if there is one, I don’t see problem with it. If someone wants to support at that level. It’s mtx, it has zero impact on your gameplay.

It just begs the question, like how do even operate in normal life ? it’s all about exclusive stuff. You are exluded from so much stuff, opportunities and so on. Exclusivity everywhere on so many levels :rofl:

It doensn’t mean that if I have something from past season that I have to be as-hole about it. You can drive Porshe and still be nice. I don’t think thats … you know …

Well answer is “It was reward for hard challenge in past Season now there are new frames in current season you can work towards” I don’t see anything wrong with that kinda answer.

Yea f*ck this, you didn’t even have to skip it after they buffed BW, you just burned the armies of chaos warriors no problem, it was easy. And that’s the problem, the same one we’re talking about here and Mattie mentioned mulitple times.

Like you do something really hard, then patch comes out and boom it’s a joke. That’s not so far from what happened now if I get it correctly, the S1 was insane for various reasons, now S2 is easy compared to that and people get S1 frames… what … the… f-ck is this ?

I remember this happned to me back in WOW days, someone talked me into playing it, I gave it a chance, no life, destroyed everything, dropped some uber rare sword in hardcore 20 man or however big the raid was at that time… and week later they did a patch and you could get sword of similar power in some pathetic 4 man dungeon, basically makin that super OP sword into crap tier.

My reaction was swift… f-ck this sold the account and never looked back.

This is just huge no no. Doing this kind of stuff.

Yep, they originally planned to have rewards for ranking high on the leaderboard, but it got scrapped. It was probably going to be those frames you mentioned. Their description certainly made it look like those were the planned rewards.

I was number 9 or 10 in solo, and my group was number 3 in trio, and we got nothing.

It was revealed in the patch notes that rewards were going to be given out. The patch notes have since been altered to no longer mention rewards. You can read more about it in the following link, and see a reply from Hedge saying it was cancelled. Vermintide 2 - Patch

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