RV Disengage recharges on incap (companion glitch to staying after death)

Issue Summary:
As some threads pointed out, if you fall down while in the animation for Disengage, you’ll be stuck holding the bomb on revive. However, it’s not just for when you’re in the beginning frames - it can still apply after the bomb has been dropped, but the animation isn’t over yet. It’s a surprisingly spacious window of time, and when you’re up, you’ll be invisible, holding the (obviously human-made, old ranger’s trick my word filter) bomb, AND able to use the bomb again as soon as the game realizes you can switch weapons. It never even goes on cooldown, from what I’ve been able to gather.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get incapacitated during the ult animation so that you still manage to get the ult off (I suggest being swarmed by a skaven horde).
  2. Check the cooldown bar, which normally only depletes shortly after the smoke bomb goes off.
  3. See that your incapacitation has cancelled out the cooldown and you can instantly use Disengage again.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Unusual (< 25%) - Good luck getting into this situation, but I’ve had this happen 3 times this week alone.

Additional Information:
The incap problem is something i’m almost 100% sure of, but i was never able to catch a screenshot. Here, however, I’m not sure what caused the cooldown not to occur - it’s not impossible that changing state (being grabbed or being pushed by elites) may also do this. Notice that I’m in my smoke cloud, my bomb is out, and I have one already available - but my health is full, and my kruberbot doesn’t have heal dupe.

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